We are currently accepting submissions for those artists that are looking to showcase their work in one of our online virtual shows later next year.

We welcome submissions from of any art form, however we do place a higher importance on contemporary abstract art so you may want to take this into account before you submit any work.

We operate on a non-exclusive agreement so you are free to show and promote your art in as many venues or online avenues as you please.

Submission Guidelines for New Artists

Artists must submit their initial submissions via our contact form here.

  • Please include a opening statement describing your work
  • Your educational experience or any professional qualifications
  • A link to an online biography or resume
  • Links to examples of your work.
  • Any previous shows or competitions that you have been featured in.

If you receive a positive reply from us we will require you to then submit at least 10 of your best pieces in the highest resolution photographs that you have.