Paula Scher Page

Work on the process, not the output – Art is spontaneous and fluid that we can not think what we’ve created! Instead of rushing through that they move on to another one and can sell the item. While the piece is your reward the procedure is a chore. With deadlines looming there is no room for changes, creativity, or spontaneity. The artist will not allow anything to get in her way and is focused on the vision in her mind–not even a burst of creativity. And in the world today, even artists have begun to believe that myth. They pay attention to the process

When you end up creating “finishing touches” indefinitely, without ever really completing, it is usually because of a dissatisfaction with the completed work. Stop torturing yourself; more frequently than not you will know when you are done, and you will surprise because you were not paying attention, should you concentrate on the action of creating rather than the act of completing. A piece of artwork can stay the same for decades or even centuries if maintained. You may view a painting then return and view the painting and it is still the same. For all these reasons and more, as something stopped, something in a standstill, people are inclined to look at art. The approach is immaterial; it is a means to an end.