Paula Scher Art

The piano and I – There’ll never be another person like you and there’ll never be anyone that can create music. Give up your ideas of being a composer. Focus on the joy that comes from making your own music and being n the moment. To do so, learn to improvise. This is the stage where many “are” composers freeze up because they tell themselves that their music could not be as great.

Where could be music makers and their desire has come to an end. You must be able to proceed without censoring what’s coming from you. Exactly like writers do so you have to do with improvisation. Once you have the ability to sit down at the piano and play without worrying if it is good enough, you will be prepared to put pen to paper and write. Obviously, you could write without learning how to improvise, but chances are the music will seem stodgy and When you compare yourself to another individual you’re really defeating the entire idea of creating to start with.