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Philosophy: The art of keeping secret – The Chinese believe that “if you’re my friend, you may share knowledge and information with me.” After of the US says China is a trading partner and friend, and this is why they do not feel bad about stealing property. Unless it was a security clearance duty, consider it this way, would keep a secret from your partner? Friends do not keep secrets unless they could be harm by that information. Let us talk, shall we?

In my experience and observation, the greatest secret of all is that. As an example, have you ever noticed the way the team will claim a secret such as the Masons, Illuminati etc. once they say it’s a secret it piques our curiosity, it’s intriguing, and can bring about “fear of the unknown” that is an individual psychological dichotomy in that such as cats humans are curious animals, wanting to explore, ask questions and attempt to learn what’s behind the curtain.

Confiding in a different about their secrets brings people together or pulls them in, and that’s the reason why religions do this, and if that power is really given by one away, as information can be power groups hold out to get information to other people. The holders of secrets are helpless if a person chooses not to.

It would be advisable if whenever somebody tells you “It’s a secret so I can’t tell you,” that you just say; “Well then, you aren’t a real friend, and you’re being deceitful, and the information you hold is useless, since it’s being held with a worthless individual who does not give a crap about me.” You see how that works. Therefore, if you are in fear of a mystery, you have given away your energy, thus another person holds power over you, and they can play with you – make you want to remain near them because they have power and you can not get that info (information = power) without them

Beware of secrets’ scoundrels, do not trust that the key is even or actual of value it is not. Further, about one-week is meant by now that is secret because of the internet’s free information. Think on this.