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Let’s dance with Salsa – Even though the origin of salsa can’t be interpreted, many consider that Cubans created this dance style that has won over the world. It’s in this area where Contra-Danze or “country dance” of England and France later called Danzon which has been brought over by the French who had fled from Haiti. Their experience with the drum as well as the music traditions beat effects of Rhumbas of partner dance style and Africa helped influence the development of the salsa type of dancing and music that we’re all familiar with now.

Salsa dancing has a dance style that is distinct. It’s a pattern step fashion encompassing six measures which are danced over eight counts in a rhythm. Salsa is the blend of cultural genres including Latin and Afro-Caribbean sounds.

Salsa dance moves are distinct. Salsa moves to the side, putting emphasis on turns, which are synchronized with the side.

You may hear influences of Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue and several Latin American and African American musical styles if you listen to music carefully. You’ll hear a number of the classic. The development of Salsa continues to evolve and just has been volatile!