Stendhal Gallery champions the work of historical and contemporary masters, namely those involved in Dada, Fluxus, concept art, performance, avant-garde film, video art installation, design, architecture, urban planning, fine art print-making, and educational web exhibitions.

The innovative exhibitions at Stendhal Gallery aim to promote works of art with historical and socio-political importance, which continue to impact our present, lived world.

Often uncovering unseen artworks or related historical documents, they endeavor to make these rare materials available for public viewing or continued scholarship and research. 

Dada artist Hans Richter was well respected among his fellow New York “avant-gardists” in his lifetime, and is now recognized artist and educator; he helped establish the first film institute in United States in City College in the 1950s where he was the director for 14 years.

Stendhal Gallery has exhibited many of his rarely seen experimental films and has accumulated an archive of information about this conceptual genius that is readily available to the public.